Information about Zeit42

How it works

How the booking works

1. Find your tandem bicycle

2. Book your time for two
Request a booking to the host, 
pay per PayPal, debit or credit card
and get a confirmation. 
recommendation: Print your own
and complete it with your informations,
this will save time at the handover and you hold something written.

3. Explore in twos
meet nice locals, 
which, or who can give you insider info for your trip.
finish the handover protocol common.
learn to see places from different angle,
have fun with someone you like
and spend time for two

How the offering works


 1. Start for free and list your tandem bicycle.
For more booking requests provide great pictures and wiritings

2. Get booking requests by email.
All under control, it's on you to confirm a request. Comfertable, you confirm it in your
account and we invoice the booking price for you.

3. Tandem bike handover on the agreed date.
You complete the 
and maybe you take a deposit.
(Print out a copy of this in advance, we free you provide a free sample template
that you fill out the form completely and retain all records. 
The renter's ID and deposit are protection against 
theft and may provide reimbursement in event of damage.)

4. Get your rental income.
We transfer your income, less our
15 % commission and PayPal transaction
to you.